Haplogroup L161 in Doggerland

Haplogroup L161 was living an easy life in Doggerland, Resources were abundant and the mesolithic methods provided a good living. It was almost paradise. Then, with no warning at all, it was all gone and most of them were dead. The "8.2 kiloyear event" is better considered as nine catastrophic events forming a 600 year long series of disasters.

8,200 y.a. __There were three main Storegga tsunamis: over a 200 year span.
It is estimated that the shoreline waves were 20' high (6 meters)! These were similar in scale, scope and fatalities to the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. Haplogroup L161 - S2639 shows evidence of a very severe 'population bottleneck' event at exactly this time - with a 98% extinction rate. The '8.2 ky events' are the 'Mt. Toba' of northern Europe, so it must be a major factor in the extinction.
Doggerland, a mesolithic paradise
The drainage of Lake Agassiz caused sea level to rise 2 to 4 meters (7 to 13 feet) over about thirty days worldwide. The ocean flowed back into Lake Ancylus, changing it from fresh water into the saltwater Mastogloia Sea. Ocean currents were interrupted causing the climate to abruptly turn cold. It stayed cold for 400 years. The entire food chain collapsed.
    The '8.2 kiloyear event' series was:

  • the drainage of Lake Agassiz, which raised sea level 3 meters and triggered
  • three major Storegga tsunamis
  • a change in ocean currents caused by the drainage.
  • a VEI 6 eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.
  • a 400 year long cold period caused by deviated ocean currents and ash clouds
  • collapse of the food chains, both land-based and freshwater
  • mass starvation and near-extinction

(The same things happened to Lake Pontus to change it from a fresh water lake to the saline Black Sea. The Ur-Shatt was flooded with salt water to become Persian Gulf. Some suggest this set of events was the inspiration for Noah's-flood stories worldwide).

The simultaneous timing of the population bottleneck and the 8.2 kiloyear disasters is very strong evidence for concluding that L161 was in Doggerland - no other explanation is available as to why that extremely severe bottleneck happened exactly then.

Without such an explanation, we can rule out the various other suggested migrations of L161 to Britain: that they came with the Celts, the Anglo-Saxons, the Halstadt people, or with the Cord-ware people, etc.