Tools of the Cultures

Oldowan tools

2.6 to 1.7 million years ago
Developed by Australopithecus and used by H. habilis. Replaced by
H. erectus developing Acheulean.

(Epi-) Gravettian tools

33,000 � 11,000 BP
Developed in the refugia during the ice age and used afterward until, in the north, replaced by Hamburgian.

Kongemosian tools

8,000 � 5,200 BP
A mesolithic fisher-hunter-gatherer culture developed in the greater Doggerland region.

Mousterian tools

350,000 � 40,000 BP
Developed by H. heidelburgensis, used by Neanderthals. Replaced by Aurignacian of the Cro-Magnons.

Hamburgian tools

15,500 � 13,100 BP
Reindeer hunters in northern Europe developed the Hamburgian tool culture using shafted points.

Neolithic tools

6,500 � 4,500 BP
The Neolithic Revolution brought major improvements in technology for farming and toolmaking

Aurignacian tools

43,000 � 28,000 BP
Developed by Cro-Magnons and spread over Europe and parts of Asia. Replaced by Gravettian.

Maglemosian tools

11000 � 8000 BP
A mesolithic culture using flint microlith flakes glued to bone, wood, or antler to make better tools

Bronze Age tools

4,700 � 2,800 BP
The Bell Beaker folk brought metalworking to Britain. Metal goods rapidly replaced stone.