Haplogroup List

Ancestor Emerged Location, approximate Name
"Ardi" 5.5 mya Afar, Ethiopia Ardipithecus ramidus
"Lucy" 3.2 mya Afar, Ethiopia Australopithecus afarensis
"Africanus" 2.5 mya South Africa Australopithecus africanus
"Garhi" 2.5 mya Afar, Ethiopia Australopithecus garhi

Archaic humans (ice ages, warm periods)
Ancestor Emerged Location, approximate Name
Handy man 2.5 Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania H. habilis
Upright man 1.9 Java, Kenya, China, Hungary H. erectus
Heidelburg man 700 kya Germany, Spain, England H. heidelburgensis
Rhodesian man 600 kya Zambia, Ethiopia, Tanzania H. rhodesiensis =
H. heidelburgensis

Modern humans - AMH
Haplogroup Emerged * Location, approximate SNP SNP Date
A00a Perry bef. 270 Western Cameroon L1149 270
A0-T bef. 200 Omo Kibish, Ethiopia L1085 "Omo?" 235.9
A1 170 Afar Ethiopia P305 H. sapiens idaltu 161.3
A1b 150 East Africa P114 H. s. sapiens 133.4
BT 140 Ethiopia M91 130.7
CT 100 East Africa M168 88
CF 80 Ur-Shatt P143 68.5
F 70 Ur-Shatt M89 65.9
GHIJK 65 Mesopotamia F1329 48.8
HIJK 60 Mesopotamia F929 48.5
IJK 55 Mesopotamia L15 48.5
IJ 50 Baghdad M429 47.2
I - Cro-Magnon 45 Kurdestan M170 42.9
I1 40 Ukraine refugium M253 27.5
I2 40 Anatolia M438 27.5
I2a1a** 25 Ukraine refugium P37.2 18.7
I2a1a2** 20 Ukraine refugium M423 18.5
I2a1a2** 15.8 Ukraine refugium Y3104 (L161, L621) 13.4
L161.1 (I2a1a2a*) 13.5 Moldova L161.1 (S2639, Y13338/1) 10.6
Isles AB  (hg tree) 10 Doggerland S2639 6.9
Isles A 7 East Anglia ➤ Cork Y12072 ➤ PF4135 ➤ Y12073(A2) ➤ Y19285 6.7
Isles B 7.2 Rhine River Delta L1498 ➤ Y3749 ➤ Y3722 ➤ Y3734 6.6
Isles C 6.5 Dal Riata Y5450➤ Y18393(C1) & Y5451(C2) 3.4
Isles D 4.2 Rathcroghan Ireland Y4660(D) ➤ Y5280 3.2

* The 'emerged' date in this table is my estimate of the date the "Dunbar group" began its journey to separation. It is the date of the 'spark' that started events moving forward. That date must be, by definition, before any archaeologically or genetically calculated dates. The SNP dates are from www.yfull.com

** The alphanumeric designators for haplogroups are listed by the ISOGG and are subject to change every year, so they are useless over time. The actual SNP name does not change, so that is the preferred designator.